(※Before placing an order, please read the preferential special project and the latest works, and our namecard/ business card and Logo webpages, thanks!)
  Company Name:  Business Invoice No.
  Person of Contact:  Sex: Male  Female    E-Mail: 
  Tel:  Fax:   Mobile Phone: 
  The Way of Getting the Product: To Get the Document Personally  E-Mail  To Send by Post  Fax  Others
  The Address that the Document/ Product Should be Sent to:
  Suggestions for the Design Content: Providing the Pattern or Reference (Please e-mail us or send by post.)
  Providing five styles to decide one style finally--- NTD 8900.  Providing eight styles to decide one style finally--- NTD 11000. 
  Logo with Company Name Beside---Adding NTD 500, please refer to the illustration.  
  Logo with Cartoon Character Inside---Adding NTD 1500, please refer to the illustration. Other Points for Attention
  Name of Namecard/ Business Card:    Single-side  Double-side
  Paper Materials: 一級卡  合成紙  安格紙  萊妮紙  Special Paper Materials
  Quantity: 2 cases   3 cases   5 cases   10 cases   50 cases   others    Other Points for Attention
  Namecard/ Business Card Content:Providing the Pattern or Reference (Please e-mail us or send by post.
  Amount:A:Logo Design Charge +B:Bussiness card Design Charge: +Printing Charge
  +Transportation Fee NTD 80 = With tax: Without tax:                 Change to USD
  (※If you need the printing, please call us by phone or e-mail us, thanks!  *We only accept the design order for overseas cases.)
  Point for Attention of Design:
  The data provided by the client should not invade the copyright of someone else. The client should assume the legal
  responsibility by himself/ herself if he/ she trespasses the copyright of another person.
  Order-placing Explanations:
  1.Please fill in The Website Design Inquiry Form, and fax or email our company. We will handle it as soon as possible.
  2.All the quotation prices do not contain the tax. If you need the triplicate invoice, please notify us the company title
  and the business invoice number in advance, and add the sum with 5% tax.
  3.The client should pay a half of the total price in advance to be the deposit when applying for making the homepage.
  4.Please pay off the balance within one week after finishing acquiring the internet access.
  5.After we upload the file formally, if the client asks us to alter the content/ graph or increase the new webpage, the
  charge will be calculated separately according to the amount and degree of alteration or increase.
  Information of Bank Account
The Copy of the Cash Remittance Note, the Postal Transfer Receipt, or Other Payment Certificate: To be Signed by the Client for Confirmation:

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